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History of Calson Properties, Inc. 

Calson Properties, Inc. originally began in 1948 and stood for “California Sons”. It was formed by Ray T. Lindsay and his sons, Dean R. Lindsay and Ronald K. Lindsay, in Palo Alto, California, but the story didn’t start there.


Ray was the son of Walter John (WJ) Lindsay. At 60 years old and looking for brighter horizons, WJ investigated construction opportunities in the San Francisco Bay Area. It looked promising and he asked his ten adult family members if any of them were interested in joining him. It was a resounding “Yes!” and in December of 1922 they all moved to Mountain View, California.

With the help of a contractor to lead them, WJ, his sons and sons-in-law all donned overalls and tool belts and within a year, 8 homes were built and sold. The Lindsay family was in the construction business.

Some of the original homes they built in the 1920s can still be found on Villa Street in Mountain View, CA, but these were just the start. “Lindsay Homes” developments and apartment complexes were soon scattered up and down the peninsula throughout the areas of San Francisco, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale and Mountain View.

Eventually as the family grew, and Lindsay Construction continued to build and expand, many of WJ’s children ventured out and started their own construction companies. Ray Thompson Lindsay was one of those hard-working sons and he and his sons, Dean & Ron, started Calson Properties, Inc. on February 4, 1948, as a management company to oversee the properties they were building and others they eventually purchased.


Today, Calson continues to manage the day-to-day operations of both their local Bay Area real estate investments in California, as well as managing other investments in Utah, Colorado, Minnesota, and Hawaii.

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WJ Lindsay

Ron, Ray and Dean

A Family Owned Property Management Company since 1948


Ron & Dean

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